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Made locally with the world’s finest grapes, Waters Edge Winery & Bistro – Denver is a family owned winery offering our own handcrafted wines from grapes gathered from around the world. Each wine is blended, fermented, oaked, racked, filtered and bottled right here in our Denver facility.

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Mary Anne Bergeman
Mary Anne B.
15:56 12 Sep 20
Unbelievable spot! Fantastic food, wine and staff and owner! I haven’t experienced any place that compares. Strongly recommended!
Lexie Jones
Lexie J.
02:06 11 Sep 20
We loved our experience at Waters Edge Winery! Great vibe, great wine/food, and great service. We would highly recommend and plan to come back next time we visit Denver.
Olga Geister
Olga G.
06:00 06 Sep 20
Will be heading over there this week, to see a dear friend. I cannot wear masks for many reasons and appreciate the owner’s common sense.
Larina Serrato
Larina S.
00:11 06 Sep 20
To be honest, some of the quirky characters attacking the reviews had actually piqued my interest in trying this place out. I'm glad that I came by for lunch this week! I enjoyed the fact that it felt cozy, private and quaint. I also liked how things functioned amazingly with a small staff. I felt like I one wine expert and one culinary expert! I had a Lil Sister wine and a Turkey Caprese sandwich. I am arranging to come make a batch for my friend's bridesmaids party in October!
Nancy M.
Nancy M.
00:05 06 Sep 20
My recent experience at Waters Edge was exemplary. The staff were friendly, the food and wine great. As a nurse, I do feel we should all do our part during this time. I felt completely comfortable while eating inside. Will return soon!
Melissa Johnson
Melissa J.
05:26 02 Sep 20
This place was great! The atmosphere, service, food and wine was really ...really good. Highly recommend.
Jamie Osborne
Jamie O.
04:32 02 Sep 20
Great food, friendly staff, respectful policies!
04:53 19 Aug 20
Don't let foolishness get in your way of dining here - this is the most charming place in town. I feel so fortunate to have discovered this establishment. If you desire a place in which you may enjoy wine, gourmet food and reciprocal appreciation from the staff/ownership, I highly recommend stopping by. Although some individuals weren't raised to accept opinions at a variance with their own, this place is safe, clean and consistently spectacular.
Kathleen Baker
Kathleen B.
15:55 12 Aug 20
This place is amazing. The food and wine are delicious, and the staff is very hospitable.
J Thom
J T.
02:51 08 Aug 20
Went there for the first time for dinner with 5 friends. We were seated quickly. Loved the wine flight to taste different wines. The meat and cheese board was YUM! The entrees and the ambiance were great. Will DEFINITELY be going back. So glad they are on Main Street and will tell many more people about this place.
Mike K
Mike K
19:02 30 Jul 20
Read your story in the news. As a small business owner who lost everything during "The Great Recession" I fully understand and appreciate your motives. I really hope all turns out well for you
Vasa Guy
Vasa G.
00:06 30 Jul 20
Great spot to grab a glass of wine and some appetizers with friends. Very friendly environment with a staff that seems to take pride in their knowledge of different wines. Highly recommend!!
Lauren Landen
Lauren L.
18:10 29 Jul 20
Great wine and great food!
Chelsea Smith
Chelsea S.
17:11 29 Jul 20
Love this place!!! 5 stars!!
Kelly Buffington
Kelly B.
16:24 29 Jul 20
Cannot speak to the service but the wine is fabulous! Stopped by to pick up a couple of bottles to go (wanted to support a local business). Told the girl behind the counter what I like and the two bottles she sold me did not disappoint! I will definitely be back.
Matthew Smith
Matthew S.
16:16 29 Jul 20
Great place. Exceptional wine, food and atmosphere. Check this place out for sure!
S. E. D.
S. E. D.
16:13 29 Jul 20
The food here is absolutely delicious. The wine is excellent. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. The owner and staff are very friendly and happy to offer wine recommendations or answer any questions.
Christie Magri
Christie M.
15:59 29 Jul 20
Absolutely love it! Mask policy is clear at the door that they offer those who need it curbside/pick up services but they are giving their employees and customers the right to choose what policies suits them and their needs. Picked up an awesome Mexican coffee port and an Italian red and had lunch with a friend. Great place and owners - will definitelyBe back!
Amber Zacny
Amber Z.
01:32 26 Jul 20
2018-Absolutely amazing! We brought our service dog with, since we are visiting this state and they were so accommodating they even brought him water. We relaxed outside with two appetizers, 3 tasting deals, and bought 4 bottles of wine to go. Total came to just under $100 which is unheard of back where we live. The food was wonderful and we enjoyed more than enough of a large selection of wines. Our waiter was polite and very informed! We will be going back tomorrow for a late lunch, wish I could leave a second review!2020- Back in town again and had to stop by to see if this winery was the same as before. We are not disappointed! First off, they let the people choose if they want to wear the masks. Also, just like last time the wine tasting is amazing! Had to get a whole case of mix and matched fruit wines this time. They have the most amazing staff!
23:07 12 Jul 20
My Wife and I Enjoyed our experience so much! They have such broad Selection and some of their wines are so unique it was a delightful surprise. We will return very soon. Would recommend to anyone who likes wine that’s not exactly conventional, you won’t be disappointed.
Mary C Armstrong
Mary C A.
18:25 30 Jun 20
We had a bridal shower two weeks ago at Waters Edge. From start to finish Jen and Elise (hope I spelled it right lol) were amazing!(especially through all the Covid changes). The food was delicious and the guests were so pleased. I would highly recommend this incredible bistro/winery! Thank you for making Sarah's day so special!!
Justin Lee
Justin L.
20:07 05 Jun 20
Great reopening. Wow the food is amazing. Come out and enjoy! Love the flatbread pepperoni.
The Family O
The Family O
22:40 27 May 20
Went today, the first day of everything opening. Met girlfriends for lunch. I have a Pinot wine with a hint of green apple, it was delicious. We ordered the chartcuterie tray and it was as good as it looked. I ordered the BLT flatbread, it was good and had a little spicy kick. Service was impeccable. Will definitely return.
Pamala Reichert
Pamala R.
23:43 11 Mar 20
Amalia J. Eisenhauer
Amalia J. E.
06:35 21 Feb 20
Wow wow wow! So delicious. I am so happy that we got a chance to come here. We love watching Masterchef and are fans of Joe Bastianich and wanted to try one of his restaurants, and it did not disappoint.
Shannon Berry McPherson
Shannon Berry M.
20:43 15 Feb 20
Kevin Hinckle
Kevin H.
19:31 23 Nov 19
Great little and loved the wines! Our favorite was avalanche. Megan our was awesome! Looking forward to stopping by next time we're in town
Rachel Cookston
Rachel C.
03:58 07 Nov 19
By far my favorite winery. There's always seating and the staff is so friendly. Some of the best service.
pam zulauf
pam Z.
04:36 19 Oct 19
I had such an enjoyable lunch with a friend at Waters Egde Winery!The service was excellent. The food was so tasty and fresh. We both enjoyed the wine flight sampling. It was the perfect place to catch up with a friend and enjoy a great lunch. I'll be back!
Alexandra Brosman
Alexandra B.
13:45 06 Sep 19
Shawn McDermott
Shawn M.
20:54 25 Aug 19
George Natale
George N.
05:20 07 Aug 19
karyn bitzel
karyn B.
16:02 27 Jul 19
Kaely M Ross
Kaely M R.
16:45 07 Jul 19
Wy. L.
Wy. L.
23:40 27 Jun 19
Jade Brennan
Jade B.
22:31 04 Jun 19
Try the wine! It’s really good!
Jeff Browning
Jeff B.
22:45 18 May 19
Love this place. Had the goat cheese trio. Absolutely fabulous. Also ordered the shrimp cous cous. Also fabulous. Very very delicious.
Damian A.
Damian A.
03:24 04 May 19
Nice wine, friendly staff
Ginger Loggins
Ginger L.
21:28 28 Apr 19
Such an enjoyable evening! Dogs are welcome on the patio, and when I called ahead, the put a reserved sign on a patio table so it wouldn't be gone by the time we arrived. We were at the fireplace table, which makes it easy to sit back and relax, but is a little difficult for dining. Not too hard, though, and we really enjoyed the fig & goat cheese pizza as well as the mushroom and truffle pizza. I adored their dessert wines! The point noir and Cabernet were not what I usually like in those wines, but the point went great with that fig pizza. I look forward to visiting again when I'm in town. Not only was the food great, the atmosphere lovely, and the wine delicious, but the service was friendly and welcoming
Andrew Persichetti
Andrew P.
22:29 14 Apr 19
Taryn Hutchins
Taryn H.
22:02 29 Jan 19
I'm so glad I found this place. The service is awesome and I have the loved the wine I have tried so far. I see they do lots of events and I am going to try to get to some of them. If you like wine and nice people you want to come here!
Lisa Carnahan
Lisa C.
04:20 29 Jan 19
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